Enterprise Electrical Contracting (EEC) is a privately owned, fast growing full services electrical contracting company. Founded by James Bill in 2005, EEC provides its customers with excellent service from a highly talented and experienced team.

EEC provides electric utilities, governmental entities and their contractors with services in expanding, upgrading and restoring electric distribution systems. Its management team's knowledge and experience of electric distribution systems enables EEC to work productively on all types of projects.


EEC also offers governmental, institutional, commercial and residential customers a full range of turn-key electrical contracting services. EEC's inside electrical branch has had experience on multiple commercial projects as well as offering residential customers with electrical system services.

EEC is licensed to operate in Florida, Miami-Dade County, Broward County and their municipalities.

Commitment To Safety
EEC has a strong commitment to the safety of its employees and its customers. All EEC employees are held to a high safety standard with a zero tolerance for non-compliance.

EEC employee productivity and performance is measured to include the quality and quantity of work employees produce. Targets are established on a project by project basis and employees are continually challenged to improve their productivity as well as quality.

Quality measurements include:

  • Safety compliance
  • Compliance to standards / National Electric Code
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Job-site restoration upon completion
  • All employees attend weekly and monthly safety meetings.
  • Management conducts unscheduled safety inspections as part of its responsibilities.
  • Peers are held accountable for their coworker's safety compliance.
  • During the pre-check process, all potential safety hazards and risks are identified.
  • Employee pre-work tailboards include a strong review of safety precautions for that particular project.
  • Strong apprentice program ensure employees are properly trained in work methods focused on safety.
Enterprise Electrical Contracting, Inc. is a Federal Government Contractor.
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