Florida Power & Light Company (FPL)
Cable Rehabilitation Initiative

  • Primary fault location and repair of underground electrical distribution cables in the South Florida area.
  • Completed projects within budget and on schedule.
  • Project included cable pulling as well as fault repairs.

Distribution Environmental Services, Broward Area

  • Pad-mounted transformer replacement initiative contractor.
  • Coordinated area wide initiative, scheduling work to ensure customers were not adversely impacted by power interruptions.
  • Completed all work ahead of schedule and within budget.



Distribution Storm Restoration

  • Restoration and repairs to the electrical distribution system during the 2005 and 2006 hurricane seasons

Distribution Streetlight Services

  • Street light storm restoration work during the 2005 and 2006 hurricane seasons
City of Miami Beach

Setting of new poles and running electrical circuits
for City-wide Wi-Fi project. Project included working
with the City to ensure residents and local businesses
were not adversely impacted during construction.
Worked closely with the City to schedule work in
a high traffic, congested, historic urban environment.

City of Opa Locka
Restored lighting infrastructure to City's parks
after the active hurricane season of 2005.
These projects were FEMA sponsored initiatives.


Miami-Dade County Department of Environmental Resources

Management (DERM)
Worked with Central Florida Equipment, Inc. on the South Miami-Dade Storm-water Treatment and Distribution Area (STDA) for Miami-Dade County DERM, project #20030041A. Project included installing new water level monitoring and pumping station.

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